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Is a sphynx for me?


I would say a sphynx is a needy cat. They want to be with you nearly every moment of the day if possible. They do not like doors to be shut or else a lot of meowing goes on with little legs reaching under the door and will even jiggle the door handle. They are VERY smart.

At night they like to sleep in bed with you. They like to burrow under the blankets close to you. So be careful you don't roll over on your new pet. Always keep a fleece blanket for them so they can curl up somewhere safe if you aren't at home.

They will hunt out warm places because they don't have fur. The TV or heating vents are good spots. You might have to learn to live in a warmer house than normal. When we first got our sphynx we were the type to have air conditioning on all winter. Now our heating bill has gone up to keep them comfortable.

Sphynx also get the nickname monkey,dog amd/or parrot. They are like dog's in that they are very loyal and smart and know their names and follow you around. If one goes into a different room we allll go. It's a group effort I guess lol. They can also fetch.

So why a monkey... they can fly through the air in some awesome acrobatic moves. They get some great airtime flying after little bells and feathers. I've seen them do summersaults and backflips and the bed isn't even quite big enough so careful of the landings!

As for parrots... a lot of them are shoulder cats. Chloe will fly off ANYthing just to perch on your shoulder. Doesn't even matter who you are. I have to tell visitors, don't be scared but my cat is about to jump 10 feet onto your back. Don't panic! I do have a lot of scratches on me from them jumping on and off of me.

So if you want one of those fat lazy cat's that never care to be petted this isn't the cat for you. These guys LOVE attention. They love to chatter and coo. They are very social and special. They require a lot of attention. So be sure you will have the time to give it to them!

Of course this is a generalization and all cats are different but most likely they will behave this way.


Are sphynx hypoallergenic?

No. The allergen from cats that people have problems with are in the oil and dander. Sphynx have oil and saliva. The difference is that because they have no hair there is possibly less dander clinging to the cat and people tend to bathe them a lot more often. They might be less allergic to you. There is no promise an allergic person to cats will not also be allergic to a hairless cat.

However, I know of several people, including my family, who have bad allergies to hairy cats and very little reaction to sphynx. The only times I have issues are when the cat is really dirty and sleeping on my eyes and nose. Then I will wake up with the sniffles.

Ask your breeder to send you a piece of a blankie or washcloth that has been in the cat's bedding. This might be helpful to you to see if you're going to have an allergic reaction before deciding to get one. You can also ask a breeder or owner in the area if you can visit their cattery/home and see how you react there. Do everything in your power to decide if you can tolerate living with a sphynx before buying so that they are not rehomed.




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