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We are located in Salem, Oregon USA. It's about 50 minutes south of Portland.

Most of my cats are titled from either CFA or TICA. The majority are at least Champions. We've won Best of Breeds, Best shorthairs, Best Allbreed, Regional Wins in Breed and Color etc. (Our region is the Northwest... Alaska, California (North of the 36th parallel), Canada (West of the Western border of Manitoba), Idaho, Montana, Nevada (North of the 37th parallel), Oregon, Utah and Washington.)

What I provide for your potential kitten.. Your kitten will be registered/papered purebred, fully vaccinated (I use modified live 3 way), dewormed, desexed, vet checked, socialized to children and a dog, parents are scanned for hcm by a board certified cardiologist for health issues.

I do not mass breed for money; nor do I make a profit. So kitten availability is limited. I do not breed my pets until they are at least 1 year of age. I think all of their energy should be put into growing during this time and not on kittens. It stunts their growth. At age 1 they can also be scanned with an ultrasound technique for health issues more accurately. I do not back to back breed a female because she deserves time to heal and rest and play and be herself without the burden and responsibilities of kittens all year long. Sometimes I do not breed a female for 1-3 years. I also need a break because I stay up all night caring and tending to them and it can be physically tiring. I also do not like to go to shows while I have kittens and I enjoy going so there's another reason I take breaks.

Prices are standard and around $1800 depending on kitten/cat. I do have discounts for certain things like buying multiples, more fuzziness than I would like, age etc. $250 non refundable deposit guarentees your kitten is held for you. This deposit goes towards the full payment.

The colors we have here are solids, dilutes and colorpoints. Blues, creams, whites, seal, chocolate and those mixes. I only have colorpoints, minks and points. Their eye colors range from every shade of blue to aqua to yellow with green. Many times my minks have blue eyes. If color is important to you I recommend UC Davis for DNA color testing. I do DNA my cats for colors but it can still be difficult and while I am a very good guesser I can be wrong.

I have PCR tested for FIV, FELV etc. and they are negative. I am wary of catteries that say free of everything though since as soon as you step outside, whatever is on the wind may blow in. There is also no test for FIP and it can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone as it is a mutation from the corona virus which virtually every cat on the planet has had. Beware of catteries that make promises that aren't physically possible. I recommend visiting the catteries and quarentining your kitten to ensure the cat is up to your health standards no matter where you buy.

I offer a year guarentee if your feline passes away from a congenital condition I will replace them.

I can not guarentee the cat will not grow hair as time goes by. It's a recessive gene and sometimes they will grow some fuzz during the winter or after a spay/neuter or if the house is too cold etc.

You can arrange to come visit your potential kitten and get to know the breed and kitty first.

Sphynx are not hypoallergenic. The allergy protien is found on dander and in saliva. The lack of hair and the additional bathing may make them more tolerable to you. We are actually allergic here. If they haven't been bathed and sleep directly on my face then I have issues. Some I don't have issues with at all near my face. If you are super allergic I wouldn't recommend a cat. But if you are interested we could always ship you out a blankie they slept on and you could hold it near to you and see if you have a reaction or visit a cattery and see how you do in an environment with cats.

I have a contract that must be signed before I release a cat to you. The main gist is... don't hurt my cat! I want my cats to go to good forever homes. I want them to be a part of your life even if you may go through transitions like moving, having children, medical issues. I want to know you will be a good mommy or daddy to them. I do not want to see them in a shelter, research lab or dumped in any way. No matter what, I understand stuff happens, their contract follows them. I expect you to take great care in their handling and let a new owner know they are not allowed to dump them in a shelter or to abuse the cat either. I don't want my cats to be throw away pets or an assessory until they get boring. They are welcome back here at any time at your expense. Do not declaw them as it's mutation. You are their everything; so please realize this and act responsibly.




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